Sunday, August 29, 2010

s0meone dats i really miss

tenkiu..tenkiu..tenkiu.. ;')
thnx 4 everythin u gave me..
n i'm very3 s0ry..
for what i've d0ne..
s0ry cause i can't ap0lagize 2 u..
n n0w..i just want 2 say..

i miss misss missss u al0t..
miss u al0t.. ;'(

human is weird..coz u kn0w why..??
c0z human..d0en't appreciate s0methn in fr0nt of them..
but, when its g0ne..then human will start to
realize that it's really imp0rtant t0 them..
but than its t0o late f0r sory..(pdan mke)
because if its will never cameback..

i miss ur warm..
i miss ur anger.. ;]
i miss ur smile.. =)
i miss ur laught.. ;D
i miss ur lecter..
i miss to hug u..
i miss to haning out with u..

i really miss u DAD!! (T-T)

its been 3 years n0w..
i'm s0ry coz i can't be with ur side..
when u r g0ing..but i made in time to bath u..
prayed f0r u n see ur burried..


everyday since ur g0ne..
each days i've gave u yassin for one year..
but now..i've f0rgot to give u smethin..
i st0p thinkin ab0ut u c0z hal dunie nih..
s0ry DAD!!
i'm just praying for u..but i think its n0t enough..
i'm not a g0od son DAD..i.m really s0ry..
i hope u f0rgave me.. >~<
thanx for everything..

in every year..
dats awkward..smbut p0se n rye withou u..
suasana sunyi dan xriuh rendah cam dlu
smoga aman disana..
I'll not ever again f0rget u..
u'll be in ma heart f0reva DAD!!

p/s : kpd yg still lg ad dad or ur mom..
hargailah bt0l2 k..pl0k d0wg puas2..

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