Saturday, August 28, 2010


thank you..
for being beside me
when we walk this road together
the awkward " i love you " that i said before you
be happy
i must let you live well
im sorry
that you met someone like me
it hurts
me that lacks so much
i will be by your side till the end
i will protect the beautiful you
i pray that i will not release your hand
even when i die
i promise to walk this road with you till the end the time
even if the day comes to end our intense love
i vow that i will protect our beautiful memories
im sorry
that i was unable to threat you better
it hurts
this side of me that can't be better for you
you are the only one
who can forgive my heart
although i'm lacking in so many ways
although i can;t threat you better
i sincerely want you
even if hard days come
i will not release the two hands that i am holding on to till end of time
even if the day comes to end our instead love
thank you
for being my side


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