Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 april = april f0ol day!!!

1 april = april f0ol day!!!
yeah right..i'm n0t celebrate dat day!!
never..juz hve a little fun with j0kes dats day..

but...i feels wr0ng n guilty wif myself..
but dats n0t even my fault!! i meant it..!!

cte dye cam nih...
mgu 2 aq seb0k gler nagn assignment aq..
rep0rt assignment report assignment..
even cte kt luar pn aq x taw dlm mgu 2..
tr0k gler..mne nye pper x smpat nk bce..
mggu 2 hua nk siap kn pr0ject statics gua..
wat sampai lewat mlm...on9 crik resources..
daa alang2 fb skali ar..tiba2 dlm keb0sanan dan tensi0n wat kje..
gua terbce ade 1 p0st nih..dri s0wg artist..bernama lisa..

she said that...

''Din Beramboi was infected by rats pee when he shot a pet show at the Zoo.He is in need of type O blood.(Selayang Hospital) He is in an induced coma, his internal organ functions have shut down, he is bleeding internally, doctor gives him 24-48 hours. Pls donate if u can yea.''

guess what was my replay..
haha..april f0ol!!!

the next day on da m0rnin..
after clazz i went 2 break1st wif frenz..
mkn nsik g0reng + 4 h0tdogs yg dibelah 2 = Rm 4.70
wat da fuk!!.. 0wh..back 2 my st0ry..
while hvng a break1st i read a newsppers..metr0 rse nye..
its said Din Bramb0i..ms0k icu..dah critical!!
i was really sh0ck at a m0mont!! d0esn't n0w da last night p0st was a fact..
what was i p0st last night was n0t my fault!! it was my frenz idea..
he t0ld dat it's april f0OL!!!!! what a c0incidence..!!! its really 0n 1 april 2010..

the next day..
on da way 2 statics claz..
just arrived at ftmk..
just take 0ff my helmet..
ma frenz said..DIN was..g0ne f0rever..
huhhh..?? really..i was sh0ck 4 da 2nd time...
den i start 2 feel guilty f0r my p0st..
depth fr0m ma heart say iwas n0t guilty..
it was n0t my fault..i was d0ing n0thing harm 2 him..
den i delete my p0st asap..hehehe
i feel 0f l0osing a great c0madian in m'sia..
i feel s0ry f0r arwah's family..b0ut arwah leavings..
smoga r0h arwah dicucuri rahmat-Nya dan sm0ga r0h nya tenteram..

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